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Vehicle Parts Customization Services

Pro Coat Fabrication can create customized vehicle parts for a wide variety of different vehicles.

Our customers include:

  • Individuals
  • Dealers
  • Repair shops
  • and others

We make use of a number of different production techniques to create vehicle parts from a wide variety of materials, although steel is the most common material used.

Our cutting-edge equipment can create everything from a one-time prototype to a large production run consisting of thousands of identical parts.

The Benefits of CNC Machining and Vehicle Parts Customization

We use advanced computer numerical control (CNC) equipment to precisely cut every vehicle part.

This equipment has a number of inherent advantages over manual machining. By using this equipment, we’re able to offer lower costs and a faster turnaround period.

High Accuracy

Unlike traditional machining, CNC machining has no human error.

Every part created will be accurate to the blueprint provided down to the smallest detail and measurement. No piece will be slightly longer, shorter, or off by any measurement.


Because computers can perform the same actions over and over with no variation, CNC machines can create long runs of the same vehicle part that are all completely identical.

Every part will be exactly the same, no matter when it was created.

Around-the-Clock Production

Computer controlled machinery does not require breaks or downtime with the exception of some routine maintenance.

We are able to continue machining custom vehicle parts 24 hours a day, greatly reducing the turnaround time.

Many of our machines include material feeders that operators can place a large number of sheets of metal onto, allowing for near-continuous operation.

Parts Humans Cannot Manufacture

There are some cuts, hole punches, or other actions that humans cannot do because of the intricateness required.

Manual manufacturing is simply not an option in some of these complex designs. Computer controlled machines, however, can create these parts with no difficulty over and over.


In addition to creating long runs of identical parts, our CNC equipment can also be used to create one-off prototypes.

These prototypes can then be tested in real-world applications to determine functionality and durability. Once the design is modified, we can produce additional prototypes as needed until the part or product is finalized.

Our team can fabricate a wide variety of different vehicle parts, customized to your needs.

Simply contact Pro Coat Fabrication today with your needs to discuss how our CNC machining services are right for you.