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Precision CNC Services

Pro Coat Fabrication can create a wide variety of parts, products, and promotional materials using our CNC machining, milling, and routing devices.

We make use of the most up-to-date computer-controlled equipment to fabricate products to your exact specifications.

If you’re in need of machining, milling, or routing services in the Montgomery River Region, our team is here to assist you.

CNC Machining

Our machining process takes a variety of raw materials such as aluminum, steel, iron, or an alloy and precisely cuts it into the design of your choice.

Because the product is being cut by an advanced computer, we can create items that would simply be impossible for a human operator to cut.

There are a number of other advantages to CNC machining as well. Our machines are accurate down to the smallest detail, and every product created will match every other one in the run exactly.

Even if you need additional parts or products later, our machines will create exact duplicates.

CNC Milling

Milling is a process that combines cutting and drilling.

It makes use of a rotating cylindrical tool that moves on multiple axes, creating various holes, slots, and shapes. This machine allows us to quickly create complex parts that would take manual laborers much longer.

While creating basic, large runs is often best left to other CNC fabrication methods, CNC milling is the perfect choice for creating prototypes or short runs of highly complex parts.

It can make use of almost all materials, too, though it is mostly used for metal cutting and drilling.

CNC Routing

CNC routing, unlike milling, is mostly used on wood, although the equipment can cut designs in aluminum, plastics, steel, foams, composites, and other materials.

These routers are capable of moving on three axes, often at the same time, carving very complex designs and shapes out of the material very precisely and quickly.

A CNC router is capable of reading digital blueprints created in a number of different software packages.

Like the other CNC machines, the only step in the process the operator needs to do is to load in the schematic. Once that’s done, the router takes over, producing the design over and over as long as there is material available.

Machining, Milling, & Routing Experts

If you’re in need of CNC machining, milling, or routing, our team here at Pro Coat Fabrication has the experience and equipment needed to complete your project.

Contact Pro Coat Fabrication today to learn more about the solutions we provide.