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Metal Fabrication Services

Pro Coat Fabrication offers a variety of metal fabrication and metal working services to those in the Montgomery River Region and throughout central Alabama.

Our advanced computer controlled machines allow us to create precision parts and products to exacting specifications and with a short turnaround time.

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a process that makes use of cutting, bending, and assembling pieces of metal to create a final product.

The process was originally done by hand using saws, hammers, press brakes, chisels, welding, and riveting, but today computer numerical control (CNC) metalworking machines are used to automate the process.

We use cutting-edge CNC machines to optimize the accuracy and repeatability of every production we do.

This allows us to provide cost-effective services yet still maintain a very high-quality standard.

Benefits of CNC Metal Fabrication

Pro Coat Fabrication makes use of CNC metal fabrication machines to cut metal in addition to other materials.

When a worker cuts metal, it’s possible the cut will not be as precise as needed due to human error. When cut with a machine, however, the cuts will be incredibly accurate every time. This allows for a large number of parts to be cut that are identical in every way.

CNC machines are also able to work for long hours, even around the clock, without fatigue impacting the process. This guarantees accuracy and provides the ability to fulfill large orders in a very short amount of time.

These machines are also able to maximize the amount of base material that is used.

With fewer errors, there is little wasted material, plus the machines are able to make cuts very close to each other to reduce the amount of material left over after a production run.

Automated sheet loading also ensures that machines can run for a longer amount of time without any human interaction. Many of the machines use by Pro Coat Fabrication are able to operate 24 hours a day with very little downtime for repairs or maintenance.

Metalworking Services

While CNC machines can produce identical parts quickly, some products do still require a human touch.

We have trained metalworking experts on staff who can hand-cut materials when needed, ensuring high quality products cut to your specifications.

If you have questions about CNC machining or metalworking, our staff can provide answers.

Contact Pro Coat Fabrication today to learn more about this process and how it can help you.