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Precision Woodworking Services

Those in the Montgomery River Region of Alabama who are in need of precision woodworking services can turn to Pro Coat Fabrication.

Our team of experienced woodworkers use advanced equipment to cut, embellish, and finish a wide variety of wooden items and components.

Precision woodworking can be used in a wide variety of different areas, including residential, commercial, and custom creations.

Residential Uses

Precision woodworking can be used to create custom cabinetry in homes, apartments, and other residential areas.

Our team of experts can also design handrails, stairs, doors, and many other products such as custom molding.

In addition to woodworking products that are permanently attached to the home, we also craft furniture such as hutches, buffets, and entertainment centers.

Commercial Products

Precision woodworking can also be used to produce a number of products for commercial use.

These include bars, veneer work, conference tables, millwork, and furnishings for a variety of different uses.

Unique Designs

Our team of specialists is capable of taking any design or concept you may have and transforming it into a tangible product using our high-tech woodworking equipment.

We are dedicated to accurately recreating your design down to the last detail, and all of our work is done as efficiently as possible to ensure the best turnaround times.


Our precision woodworking experts work with a wide variety of different woods to provide the exact look you need.

If you’re uncertain what type of wood is right for your project, we can discuss the different durability, looks, and costs of woods ranging from the common and popular to the more exotic. Each type of wood has unique properties that may make it a better or worse fit for your project.

We also have a number of different types of hardware on hand that can be used to complete your projects. We can also assist you in selecting the right hardware and hardware coloring to compliment your finished product.

Unique Projects

We welcome unique projects that test our skills and give us the opportunity to create something new.

Precision woodworking often focuses on creating a single, highly detailed product that is unique. We can provide these products just as easily as we can do longer runs of identical parts or products.

Contact Pro Coat Fabrication today to speak to an expert about our precision woodworking and what we can do to assist you with your needs.