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Promotional Products Supplier

Pro Coat Fabrication offers a number of different promotional products for businesses and organizations in central and south Alabama.

Our fabrication team is able to create a wide variety of different specialty and promotional materials for a number of industries.

Our Techniques

Our team makes use of several different techniques to create promotional products that are durable and manufactured exactly as designed.

Our CNC machining, milling, and routing equipment creates as many pieces as you need, and each piece will be identical to all others in the run.

Because these machines are computer controlled, the manufacturing process can continue around the clock with only short amounts of downtime for machine maintenance.

This results in faster production time with very, very few errors. It also decreases the cost of each item because there is no need for individual machine operators.

Powder Coating

Once manufacturing is complete, promotional materials can go through our powder coating process to add color, designs, and logos to them.

Powder coating is a type of dry paint technique that does not contain harsh chemicals. Each promotional piece is sprayed with a powder and then subjected to heat to dry the paint, creating a very durable surface that is easy to clean.

Using powder coating, we can add logo designs, company names, and other information to many different types of promotional items, including insulated cups, knives, and much more.

Hydro Dipping

Our team can also use the hydro dipping process to print designs and information on promotional items.

This process uses water to transfer the logo, design, or other image onto the item. It can be used to create a wide variety of different looks and finishes. These designs can be highly customized, allowing our customers to add any type of image they want to a design.

Hydro dipping is a great option for creating cell phone covers, computer covers, and many other specialty items.

It can be used on plastic, metal, hardened wood, glass, and other types of materials, and once it’s applied and coated with a professional finish, the image is permanent.

Why Pro Coat Fabrication?

By using our advanced fabrication machines, our experts can create a wide variety of promotional materials.

Our powder coating and hydro dipping processes can then add the finishing touches that make these items the perfect tools for promoting a business.

If you’re in need of promotional products designed to your exact specification, contact Pro Coat Fabrication today to learn more about how we can assist you.