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Sign & Banner Design Services

The graphic design team here at Pro Coat Fabrication can create a number of different signs and banners for businesses, organizations, and special events in the Montgomery River Region.

These signs and banners can be used in a variety of ways, including indoors and outdoors.

Why Use Signs and Banners?

While many businesses have made at least a partial leap to online sales, many do still operate brick and mortar shops.

Signs and banners can be incredibly helpful for promoting these shops along with any specials or events.

Signage can be used within the store itself to indicate various sales or special products. They can be used to help direct customers to specific areas of the store or event.

While using paper signs is an option for short-term specials and information, these signs are not as durable as professionally printed signs. Even professional signs printed on heavier paper are more durable than those created on smaller printers.

In addition to being used in the shop itself, banners are useful at trade shows, community events, and other off-site locations.

Types of Signs and Banners

Many large signs and banners are made from vinyl.

This material is fairly durable and can stand up to many types of weather. Because of this, it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The colors do not fade over time like they would on paper, so the signage continues to look vibrant even after years of use.

Banners may include metal rings installed in the vinyl itself for hanging using a variety of different methods. Some may be permanently mounted to a metal sign rack, while others can be temporarily displayed in a collapsible banner stand for easy travel.

Our team can create banners in a number of different sizes, plus we offer horizontal and vertical banners. These banners can feature everything from basic company text information to full-color graphics.

Creating Signage and Banners

Our design team will work with the information you provide to design any required sign or banner.

The first step is to gather the required information from you. This includes any images you already have that you want to include or information about the images you need designed.

Once we have that information, we will create a draft of the sign or banner and send it to you for feedback. We will continue this with each subsequent draft until you approve the final design.

Finally, the design is digitally printed and the final product sent to you.

Need signs or banners designed?

Contact the professional team at Pro Coat Fabrication today to learn how we can create all of the signs and banners you need.